Zinka-Connecting Colleges to Corporate

Connecting Colleges to Corporate

Welcome to Zinka. Your first step for that great leap.


The greatness of collaboration between younger and older generations is that we combine strength with wisdom.

Opportunity to interact with India’s greatest leaders and ask questions.

Here's how Zinka.me can get you that first break

Find your dream job.

Showcase your talent by building your profile. Present to the world all your activities, your presentations, short films, papers, seminars, certifications, language skills, scores and grades, recommendations, internships and all that you are!!!

Find mentors.

Find a mentor who can guide you, help you, take you under his or her wing, and nurture your career quest. Let a more experienced and more knowledgeable person guide you in your career.

Meet new fellow students.

Expand your network. Exchange ideas. Make friends. Discuss opportunities. Discuss technology. Ask Questions. Get answers.

Make Groups of your choice.

Make groups of your class, your stream, your location, or whatever inspires you to make a group and communicate among your friends.

Meet the Leaders.

Join Q&A sessions from the nation builders and leaders. Companies, Government leaders, Professors, CEOs answer you for your unanswered questions on various opportunities, general motivation, technology, future and all that you need answers to.

Start your new venture.

Post your idea. Explain. Validate. Ask for cofounders. Ask for funding. If a leader likes the idea, you become master of your own organization.

Get audience for your creativity.

Awaken the creative yourself. Write technology papers. Post your short film. Write short story. Post your experiences. Post news. Share with the fellow students.


Invite people for events in your college. Post interesting programmes. Get sponsors. Invite students from fellow colleges. Make it a grand success.